Chapter 1. Applications

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1.1 List of Procedures and Applications


This service allows you to perform the core operations related to procedures in the [Applications] menu.

The basic way of using the service is to select the needed procedure from the list, fill out the needed information, and apply.



The following information describes matters related to procedures and applications.

Flow of Operations

Initial Screen Explanation/ «List of Procedures Screen»

MEMO: <Inquiring about past announcements>


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Flow of Operations


● When the user will not log in

1.  Select the procedure
2.  Confirm the procedure details
3.  Enter e-mail address
4.  Send e-mail
5.  Access the URL in the reply e-mail
6.  Enter the required information
7.  Send e-mail

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● When the user logs in

1.  Select the procedure
2.  Log in (User ID, password)
3.  Confirm the procedure details
4.  Enter the required information
5.  Send e-mail

Note: Application results will be sent by e-mail later.



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Initial Screen Explanation

Note: May change according to the system settings.


«List of Procedures Screen» (For PC screen)

«List of Procedures Screen» (For reduced-size screen on PC/smartphone screen)

1. Main Menu 1

You can log in to the service, register as a user, make changes, etc.
After logging in, the names of the buttons will change to Logout and User Information, respectively.
(For details, refer to Chapter 5: User Management.)

2. Main Menu 2

The functions available with this service will be displayed.

3. Notifications Area

Procedure notifications are displayed in descending order according to notification date.

Click [Past Notifications] to display those notifications.

Note: For [Past Notifications], please refer to the Memo section below under MEMO: <Inquiring about past notifications>

5. Usability Button

Buttons for enlarging text size and extending operation time are displayed in a fixed position on the lower-right edge of the screen.
Extend operation time: Clicking this button will extend operation time by 180 minutes.
Change color: Click to bring up a button to select blue, yellow or black for the background color of buttons, titles, etc. Click “Change color” once more to close the button.
Change font size: Click to bring up a button to select small, medium or large text. Click “Change font size” once more to close the button.
Help: Displays a help screen that provides information on use and explanations about terminal operation and other functions.
    To close the Help screen, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the separate window.
Λ To Top: Click to move to the top of the display screen.
∨ To Bottom: Click to move to the bottom of the display screen.

4. Level of Progress Display

[Application] Displays the menu operation steps. The current step is indicated by the background color.

6. List of Procedures Screen

Of the following: [Apply for Oversized Garbage Collection], [Apply to Bring In Oversized Garbage], [Apply for Special Collection], the procedures that can be applied for in each municipality will be displayed.

1’. Menu (reduced PC screen size/smartphone screen only)

When clicked, 1. Main Menu 1, 2. Main Menu 2, and 5. Usability Button will be displayed.



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<Inquiring about past notifications>
Click [Past Notifications] in the «List of Procedures Screen» to return to the «Past Notifications Screen».
Notification information before the processing date is displayed in order from the latest notification date and time. Click  Return to Top  to return to the «List of Procedures Screen».


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