5.1.1 Login Authentication

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For login authentication, enter your [User ID (e-mail address)] and [Password] from the [Login] menu.

Note: To log in as a user, first register as a user. (For details, please refer to 5.2.1 Register User Information.)

A password may have an expiration date depending on the system-side settings. Please change the password before the expiration date.


The following information is provided in accordance with the procedures.

MEMO: <About screens while logged in>


1.      Click the [Login] menu.
The «User Login Screen» will be displayed.


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2.      Enter your [User ID (e-mail address)] and [Password].


User ID

(E-mail address)

Enter your User ID (e-mail address).

For those who have registered online, the User ID will be the registered e-mail address.

Note: Users that have been separately issued a User ID for specific business purposes should refer to the notice sent from the service provider.


Enter the password.

For security reasons, the password will be indicated as dots.

Note: Input restrictions may vary according to system-side settings.





● If you forgot your password, click [Forgot Your Password?] to reset the password according to the instructions in 5.2.2 Reset Password/Step 3.


● To change your contact e-mail address, immediately log in and following the instructions in 5.3.1 Change E-mail Address.



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3.      Click  Login .
The «Guidance Screen for Changing Password» will be displayed.

Note: If the password is entered incorrectly a specified number of times, use will be suspended.



● If use is suspended, follow the instructions in 5.2.2 Reset Password to cancel the suspension.



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4.      Click  Log In without Changing Password .
The «List of Procedures Screen» will be displayed. Please proceed to the needed procedure.

Note: To change a password, click  Change Password  and proceed to Step 5.



<About Screens When Logged In>
While logged in, the user's name is displayed at the top of the «List of Procedures Screen» above [Search Menu], and the Main Menu display changes.
The [User Registration] menu changes to the [User Information] menu, and the [Login] menu changes to the [Logout] menu, and functions will be added after login.



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5.      Enter the needed information and click  Change .
The «Change of an Expired Password Completion Screen» will be displayed.



Enter the password. (Use only half-width alphanumeric characters and the symbols listed below)

The following symbols can be used: ! # $ % & * + - = ? @ \ _  

For security reasons, the entered characters will be shown as dots.

Note 1: Input restrictions may vary according to system-side settings.

Note 2: Please set a password that is a combination of letters and numbers that would be difficult for a third party to guess. Periodically changing your password is also recommended.

Password (confirmation)

Reenter the password for confirmation purposes.


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6.      The password change is complete.
Click  Proceed to User Login .
The «User Login Screen» will be displayed. Please proceed to the needed procedure.


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