5.3.2 Change Password

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This operation allows you to change the [Password] you registered as user information.

As a security measure, please change your password periodically.


First, log in from the [Login] menu. (For details, refer to 5.1.1 Login Authentication.)

If you are already logged in, proceed to Step 1.


1.      Click the [User Information] menu.
The «User Information Details Screen» will be displayed.


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2.      Click  Change Password .
The «Change Password Screen» will be displayed.


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3.      Enter the new password and click  Change .
The «Password Change Completion Screen» will be displayed.


New Password

Enter the password. (Use only half-width alphanumeric characters and the symbols listed below)

Note: The following symbols can be used: ! # $ % & * + - = ? @ \ _  

For security reasons, the entered characters will be shown as dots.

Note 1: Input restrictions may vary according to system-side settings.

Note 2: Please set a password that is a combination of letters and numbers that would be difficult for a third party to guess. Periodically changing your password is also recommended.

New Password

Reenter the password for confirmation purposes.


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4.      A “User Information Notification E-mail” will be sent to the registered address. Please confirm the e-mail.
From this point, enter the new password to log in.


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